Team Approach

Team Approach: Our veterinarians, like our hygienist are passionate about dental health

Houndstooth created a Gentle Coaxing  approach to dental care for your pets 30+ years ago.  We want those hospital that are actively searching for ways to advance their pet dental care protocols.

The veterinarians that reach out to us want oral care designed for your pet’s dental needs. Also, our goal was to  give veterinarians new tools for a problem that has plagued them for decades. Your veterinarian is well aware of the benefits of a well cared for mouth and equally aware of how poor dental care impacts vital organs and slowly strips away your pets quality of life.

 Less disease in the mouth, less disease in the body.

But, how could we address the variables in veterinary clinics and pets? Your veterinary clinic was selected for their critical thinking. They gave us the ability to advance our skills and new techniques quickly. We discovered that ever clinic was unique in how their clinic operates.  That’s why we developed a multi-level approach for the clinics and for the care of the pets.

Trying to set one standard at every clinic makes as little sense as “one size fits all panty hose”.

What about a pet with dental disease? But whos medical condition excludes them from corrective oral surgery? In many veterinary clinics these pets have to be ignored.  But that isn’t the case with our clinics.  There is a procedure in place to help these pets. Its not a cure. But, its is designed to help the pet feel better. Remember this procedure has people that are actively thinking about what will provide the best out come.

Our Quality-of-Life Care is reserved for pets that have been deemed medically compromised.   For them we want to reduce the bacterial load to their immune system.  We use our Soft Touch procedure. Often these pets have a mouth that is very sensitive from bacteria constantly bombarding their gums. Each pet is assessed and cared for in a way that is most beneficial to their comfort and wellness. Lets be clear, this procedure wont eliminate any dental disease.  But it can reduce the bacterial load on the body and mitigate  discomfort they may be experiencing from the gum inflammation.


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