Team Approach

Team Approach: Our veterinarians, like our hygienist are passionate about dental health

Houndstooth began demonstrating our Gentle Coaxing method and multi level approach to dental care over 25 years ago.  We traveled to and demonstrated the procedure to any hospital that was curious about the procedure. Veterinarians finally had oral care that was customizable for the needs of their clients and patients through out their lives. Unfortunately, we discovered that many of the clinics we visited weren’t candidates for our service at that time. We were shocked by how little their dental knowledge was and so was the quality of care they were practicing.  These clinics were put on hold we felt they just weren’t skilled enough for the care we expected for pets we would be directing to their clinic.

Our wellness procedure would give veterinarians a new tool that addressed a concern that has plagued the veterinary community for decades. As a veterinarian you are well aware of the benefits of a well cared for mouth.

 Less disease in the mouth, less disease in the body.

But, how could we address the variables in veterinary clinics and pets? The veterinary clinics that we selected were not only will educated in dental disease but were also critical thinkers. Houndstooth wanted to be challenged at every turn, we needed their input.  They gave us the ability to advance our skills and new techniques quickly. We discovered that ever clinic was unique in how their clinic operates.  That’s why we developed a multi-level approach for the clinics and for the care of the pets.

Trying to set one standard for every clinic made as little sense as “one size fits all panty hose” 

What about a pet that has dental disease but has a medical condition that prevents the pet from being anesthetized for oral surgery? We have a “plan B”. Remember this procedure is flexible.   Our Quality-of-Life Care is reserved for pets that have been deemed medically compromised.   For them we want to reduce the bacterial load to their immune system.  We use our Soft Touch procedure. Often these pets have a mouth that is very sensitive from bacteria constantly bombarding their gums. Each pet is assessed and cared for in a way that is most beneficial to their comfort and wellness. I want to stress this procedure wont eliminate any dental disease.  But it can reduce the bacterial load on the body and a lot of the discomfort they may be experiencing from the gum inflammation.  We even have a work around for the pet owner that lives in a world of constant anxiety.

Recently, I watched a dental procedure that sent my mind into a whirlwind of possibilities. It mostly solved a question/problem that has perplexed me for years. What do we do with clinics that don’t have x-ray capabilities?  We are currently working out many of the details and I welcome any vets that would like to ring in on this to please give me a call.  Your feedback is so appreciated.

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