Team Approach

Team Approach To Dental Health

Houndstooth recognizes that dental wellness is the gateway to quality health.
Houndstooth’s approach gives veterinarians the ability to offer several different levels of care ranging from a routine(cleaning) prophylaxis to our Quality-of-Life Care to treatments for senior or medically compromised pets.
We want to become a life partner with you in providing for your pet’s wellness care.

Houndstooth technicians are professionals specializing in the unique dental needs of pets. They are passionate about teeth and highly skilled in multi-levels of dental care & early detection of unstable dental conditions.

By offering a multi-level approach to dental care your veterinarian is now able to provide Wellness  Dental hygiene to their dental protocol. This team approach intervenes before the disease is present and provides continuing aftercare once oral surgery has restored the pet’s oral health. This service can be provided to most pets. For pets with compromised health issues, we offer a Quality-of-Life Care for pets with medical concerns.

If it’s determined that your pet is a candidate for the non-surgical procedure then a routine(cleaning) prophylaxis can be scheduled.

The procedure will begin by comfortably positioning your pet & gently introducing them to the procedure. This procedure is based on trust and respect. We wait until the mind leaves that excited and uncertain state and enters a calm state. Only then does your technician  proceed. In a calm state we can clean and polish all surfaces of the teeth using a selection of appropriate instruments.