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 What Dental Hygiene Does For The Veterinary Clinic

Many veterinarians are shocked to discover that dentistry is the main procedure that they would be required to preform regularly and it is the one procedure that medical school failed to mention and failed to prepare them for. So many clinics struggle to get a strong working knowledge on dental disease care.

Dental hygiene doesn’t usually even enter the equation.   After all, the hygienist  just cleans teeth and nothing more, right?  Many veterinary clinics have not realized how valuable a partnership between their dental team and a hygienists truly is.   However, in reality, the veterinary clinic with a high-functioning dental program like Houndstooth’s Wellness Care knows and emphasizes that dental prevention and dental wellness is very important to their clinic. Our hygienists are providers, and when utilized to the fullest capacity, they are periodontal therapists—they use their knowledge and skills to support the whole patient and the patient’s whole health.

  1. The client has a more personal interaction with the whole clinic, we work as a team.
  2. Dental hygiene provides and promotes oral health through prevention.
  3. Provides and promotes the same level of preventions that we derive for our own oral care
  4. Promotes frequent visits.
  5. Many smaller pets are plagued with early dental disease progression. For these pets we recommend them to be seen every 3-4 months. But most pets have recommended follow up care every 6 months.
  6. For caregivers that can’t afford frequent visits we patiently demonstrate how they can be effective with homecare. What works. What doesn’t.
  7. Frequent visits keep the bacterial stress on the body at a minimum.
  8. The clinic is viewed as being well informed on dental health.

Unexpected Benefits To Having Houndstooth Wellness Care

  1. Our vets appreciate that guardians have the opportunity to consult the hygienist and can be shown the areas of concern. Our veterinarians are thankful that the clients can have  this preliminary discussion with the hygienist. It makes it easier for the vet to recommend treatment.
  2. A well informed caregiver creates a closer relationship with the clinic. Clients are more inclined to listen to suggestions offered by their veterinarian.
  3. Gives the practice the ability to offer relief to senior pets or medically compromise pets that are  too fragile for oral surgery. Our Quality of Life Care(QOL)  does not reverse disease. But will offer the pet’s immune system relief by reducing the bacterial load thus  making the pet feel more comfortable and often times the family is happier with the mouth odor relieved.
  4. Because of our ability to calm the pet we often are able to show the caregiver how to be effective with a homecare routine.
  5. The vets that we work with discover that a large number of  dental surgeries are generated from Houndstooth referrals/discoveries. And because we work very closely with guardians we are able to show them in real time why we are recommending oral surgery.
  6. You will now see your patients multiple times a year for dental care.
  7. Disease progression will be discovered and managed much earlier. Possibly preventing disease from crossing over to other teeth.
  8. Provides a much earlier intervention before other teeth and possibly vital organs are impacted.
  9. A clinic with a well established dental hygiene protocol well keep a mouth healthy longer and often prevent dental disease altogether.
  10. Radiographs can be monitored more frequently.

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