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 What Dental Hygiene Does For The Veterinary Clinic

Many veterinarians are surprised to find out that dentistry is the main procedure that they would need to preform, and one that their medical education failed to prepare them for. Many clinics  can’t envision the value a partnership between their clinic and a hygienists would be. However, clinics with a well-developed dental program, like Houndstooth’s Wellness Care, recognize  the importance of dental disease prevention in their practice. Our hygienists play active role as providers and serve as periodontal therapists. They use their expertise, knowledge, and skills to not only address oral health but  the relationship of oral health with the patient’s holistic health.

Dental hygiene keeps adding more value to a dental protocol and to the clinic in many ways:

  1. Personal interaction: The client has a more personal interaction with the clinic, we work as a team. Our personalized approach builds trust
  2. Prevention and Oral Health Promotion: Dental hygiene promotes oral health through prevention. Our hygienists will also educate clients on proper oral care.
  3. Demonstrating the Importance of Preventive Care: Promotes the same level of preventions that we expect for our own oral care
  4. Frequent Visits: By recommending regular check-ups we can identify  dental issues at an early stage.
  5. Homecare Education:  Smaller pets are plagued with early dental disease. We  educate caregivers on how to maintain good oral health for their pets.
  6. Clinic Reputation: By focusing on and emphasizing preventive care, the clinic is perceived as being well-informed.
  7. Attracts new clients: This reputation helps attract new clients who value comprehensive dental care and reinforces the trust and loyalty of existing clients.

There are numerous unexpected benefits to having Houndstooth Wellness Care:

  1. Better communication: Our vets appreciate that guardians can consult with the hygienist and can be shown the areas of concern.
  2. Closer caregiver -clinic relationship: Well-informed caregivers  develop a closer relationship with the clinic and are more receptive to suggestions provided by their veterinarian.
  3. Relief for senior and medically compromised pets: Offers relief to senior or medically compromise pets that are  too fragile for oral surgery.
  4. Explain effective homecare procedure: With our ability to calm the pet we  can  show the caregiver how to be effective with homecare.
  5. Increased dental surgery referrals: Houndstooth often discovers early disease progression our referrals/discoveries are a valuable part of working closely as a team.
  6. Increased dental care visits: You will now see your patients multiple times a year for dental care.
  7. Early intervention: Disease progression will be managed much earlier.
  8. Long term dental health:  Earlier intervention before other teeth and possibly vital organs are impacted.
  9. Regular X-Ray monitoring: Radiographs can be monitored more frequently.

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