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When my dog developed dental issues recently, my holistic vet Dr. Jeff Feinman referred me to Kathy at Houndstooth Pet Dental.  The way that Kathy helped us get through the problem was such a blessing!  She asked me to send her pictures of my dog’s teeth & explained his problems in detail.  Each time I called her, she returned my call almost immediately.  Her personality was professional yet so caring.  I really felt that she cared about my dog’s welfare.  My dog ended up having several teeth extracted; before I could even get back to Kathy to give her an update, she called me to find out how he was doing.  It is so rare to find this kind of genuine concern coupled with expertise.  I so appreciate what Kathy did for us, & I would jump at the chance to recommend her services to anyone.  Kathy, thank you so much!

Patricia Silensky
Port St Lucie FL


Dear Kathy,

I don’t know how to begin to thank you…I came to you wanting to get my kitty Roxanne’s teeth cleaned, which my vet had recommended.  I did not want to get her teeth cleaned at the vet’s office as I knew they used anesthesia, which I felt would be hard and for this purpose, basically unnecessary for/on my aging kitty.

Within one minute of your examination of Roxanne’s teeth, you immediately pronounced that you would not take my money or proceed further as her canine tooth was infected and needed to be removed immediately.

I was dismayed and very disappointed as I had just spent over $300 at the vet for them to tell me that my kitty was in perfect health when proper care and examination would have immediately revealed that Roxanne was in need of oral surgery.  I felt like Roxanne and I had wasted time and money and that doing so most likely caused additional discomfort and pain for her as well as expenditures for me.

I absolutely would have expected for you to charge me as you had blocked out/reserved the time for us, but you would not accept my money at that point.  To meet someone with your integrity, expertise and creativity (you then proceeded to give me several options available to me that I would not have otherwise known about) and obvious love for animals and your job, was truly a blessing.

I plan on bringing both of my kitties to you for cleaning once Roxanne’s surgery is complete and she is ready for her next cleaning.  I feel like we have found an incredible resource and friend in you.

Bless you,

“Bless You, G & R”

Dear Cathy & Doli

Non-Anesthetic Dog & Cat Teeth CleaningWe cannot tell you enough about how pleased and grateful we are with the way in which you took care of and cleaned Cody’s teeth. It was obvious that he was suffering from  neglect.  Their elderly owner became physically unable to care for them as well as herself. When I first saw Cody his mouth was a solid bar of tartar and plaque his gums inflamed from gingivitis on each side. You couldn’t tell if he even had teeth. He was in such poor health.  We immediately took him to the vet. He was dehydrated, and his face was distorted from the huge deposits of tartar on his teeth. His system was so poisoned by his teeth he could not or would not eat any longer. Our vet, after examining him determined he was not strong enough to survive oral surgery. My vet recommended Houndstooth and described a pre-surgical cleaning for Cody. Pet Tooth CleaningI called immediately and made and appointment. The tech gently tucked Cody into her lap.  I was expecting Cody to struggle, yelp and maybe even try to bite. He wiggled a little when she first put him in her lap but then became very calm. He then seemed to realize he was safe. It was wonderful to watch her care for him. You were so gentle and kind. I was amazed that Cody easily allowed you to work on him for over an hour. The next amazing thing I witnessed was how Cody looked and acted when he was finished. His face was back to normal, he wasn’t all tensed up and hunch backed, he was so alert and wanting to play. His pain was clearly gone.

Dog Tooth CleaningWe know Cody’s dental disease is very advanced and we hope with a pre-surgical cleaning he will become healthy enough to have his diseased teeth removed. Now that his system is rid of the stress and toxins from the poisons in his mouth Cody is busy growing fur. His skin is improving and he is a happy little guy. He wanted to live and now he has that chance thanks to you, your caring, your expert guidance and the special gift you have for doing a very special and difficult job of cleaning our pets teeth. Cody Mandy and I cannot thank you enough for releasing Cody from the pain and suffering I am sure he endured for a very long time. He is a different and happy dog today. Cody is scheduled for dental surgery in two weeks. Cody will be seeing you in 2 months after that for his first of many follow up cleanings
My sincerest thanks, Marilyn


Our dog Wags is a Beagle/Chihuahua mix. After her anesthetic dental cleaning surgery, the side effects of the anesthesia were horrible. She had runny black stools. The tube they placed down her throat left her unable to drink for 24 hours and she couldn’t eat. It was several stressful days before she recovered. We vowed never to risk an anesthetic teeth cleaning again. Then the time came when Wags needed teeth cleaning again. We saw she had gingivitis and her bad breath knocked us over. We didn’t know what to do. Internet to the rescue Houndstooth Non Anesthetic Dog& Cat Teeth Cleaning . Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning For Your Pet. Did something like this really exist? We called immediately and talked to Kathy. We had questions. But our most important question was “can you really do this with No Anesthesia”. Kathy explained, not all dental problems are solved with a routine dental cleaning. She would examine Wags teeth careful first. If Wags dental disease had progressed to severe stages dental extractions are often necessary. For dental disease an anesthetic is required.

If this were the case a Veterinary Dentist would be the safest for the procedure. This didn’t sound good. So we decided to brush Wags teeth. We purchased tartar and plaque control dog food and every dog dental biscuit on the market. All promised to remove plaque and tartar. Her awful smelling breath would be a thing of the past. The only thing they removed was money from our pockets. We called Houndstooth again and set an appointment. This was our only hope. My husband and I were invited to watch. Kathy took our wiggly dog into her arms. She soothed and quieted her, Wags became calm in away that we never expected. We watched this entire process there was know stress, only calm & quiet. It was amazing. Wag’s teeth are clean & beautiful. She was Wags our dog as soon as she was done…. and ready for her car ride home. This was the most positive wonderful experience we could ever have. Kathy you are an Angel from Heaven We will be with you for ever Houndstooth. Thank You So Much Brad, Charlyne & Wags 


Dear Kathy,

I called Houndstooth to get my cats’ teeth cleaned after learning about the importance of feline dental hygiene and how it can effect a cat’s health in general. Kathy’s steady hands and gentle but  firm skill with my cats was impressive, and she has been my pet dental hygienist of choice ever since. She is very accommodating with appointment scheduling, and possesses a wealth of knowledge about pet health and behavior in general.

After having repeatedly poor experiences with a veterinarian that was not very competent (one cat died and another suffered a great deal under his care), Kathy redirected me to several very reputable and competent veterinarians. I do not have enough words of gratitude to express for her expertise and referrals.

I highly recommend Houndstooth Pet Dental for  pet dental hygiene skills and their referrals to veterinarians that she recommends. All of my cats are now in very good health and under the care of a wonderful and trustworthy veterinarian.

Sheril and kitties.



Thank you so much for cleaning Jake and Micah’s teeth! I am so happy that I did the research and was able to find you. As a meowmy I feel so relieved that I was able to have the boys teeth cleaned without subjecting them to anesthesia. I plan to tell everyone I know about you and your valuable service. I also find it ironic that you’ve worked with the 2 rescues that I found my boys though; Animal Match Rescue Team (Jake) and Jennifer at Santa Monica Kennels (New Homes 4 Animals – Micah) She said to tell you “hi”. I sent her the photos and she recognized your hands. Isn’t that funny? The boys are doing great and I have started giving them foods they can CHEW (LIKE REAL MEAT) helping to keep their teeth clean. Sorry that Micah was such a wild man. Love the photo I got of him though, it is just too funny. Everyone I’ve sent it to is thinks it’s hilarious how possessed he looked. His breath is very much improved as you said it would be. I can get up close to his face without cringing now. 🙂 I am so happy I was able to add years to both my boys lives thanks to you. Thanks again, Mei, Jake & Micah



Design Ah La Fine
There is almost never a situation when I purchase a product or service that I feel it was a great value. That however is not the case with this afternoons teeth cleaning for my dog Lilly. Not only were you professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about your profession. But you went above and beyond the call of duty when noticing and teaching me how to express Lilly’s anal glands and clipping her nails. The excellent job above and beyond service you performed this afternoon was well worth your fee! I really appreciate the job you did! Thank you Kathy. I put you on my calendar to call for an appointment sometime in April. I look forward to working with you again. Respectfully, Andrea Micallef



Patrisha Wayne
Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd.
Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd. provides a home-away-from-home for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels while there owners are away on vacation or on business. Cavaliers are a wonderful breed of dog but like other breeds, develop tartar on their teeth rather quickly. Bacteria from the teeth can migrate to the heart and cause major problems. The breed is prone to mytral valve and other heart illnesses. Therefore it is vital to keep their teeth as clean as possible. Anesthesia can also be problematic for cavaliers and most owners are reluctant to have their cavaliers anesthetized. Houndstooth has solved both problems. Dali, of Houndstooth, has come to Cavaliers @ The Spa twice in the last 12 months. We provided her with aquiet room in which to work. Initially the owners was skeptical and the dogs were nervous, but Dali provided a calm, supportive atmosphere and her gentle touch made the dogs feel safe and secure. Within 15 to 30 minutes the cavaliers emerged with clean, polished and gleaming teeth and the owners emerged amazed with what they had just witnessed. The owners were so delighted that they had found a safe and reasonably priced alternative to standard canine dental procedures using anesthesia. “Dali’s Doggie Dental Day” is always a greatly anticipated and well attended event at The Spa



Dyanna McCain, DVetHom
My own animals have had the delightful experience of Houndstooth Pet Dental services. Their treatment was amazingly stress free and successful. I recommend all my patients to these wonderful technicians. I urge you to do the same for your furry family members.



Peanut McFuzz & Charlie “Farty” McTait
Office Dogs of the Hollywood office of The Humane Society of the United States
We’re writing to thank you for cleaning our teeth today – thanks to you we look like doggie movie stars now and are quite ready for our close-ups.  Okay, let’s face it, a trip to the dentist isn’t anybody’s idea of a walk in the park (especially a dog’s) but you made us feel so safe and comfortable about it that our mom even called you “the dog whisperer.”  Thanks again, Dali.



Polished Pets
When our mobile vet introduced us to Houndstooth Pet Dental, we knew it would be a natural addition to our special services.  Houndstooth has been a blessing for so many of our clients. Animals that would otherwise be put under risky anesthesia for teeth cleaning are held calmly while the work is being done.  We are so happy that we can offer this alternative.  First time clients are amazed that it can be done this way, we hear many times, “Little Fifi will never sit still long enough for anyone to remove tartar from her teeth”.  But the results are always the same, little Fifi comes out with beautiful teeth and as happy as she can be. Houndstooth is also excellent at educating our customers.  Many do not know how to brush their pet’s teeth or what a healthy diet consists of.  Houndstooth takes the time to instruct and inform.  We are so pleased to have Houndstooth caring for our client’s pets.



Barbara, Pet Orphans Fund Director: Sarah Lee
After your visit, my older cat Sarah Lee who had been so sick for a long while, got well!! She was able to eat again, got her appetite back, gained weight & seems back to normal. Hallelujah!!



Annabelle:Truffle & Woolloo
Thanks for your referral to Dr. Dan Carmichael for my adorable pups.  Truffle and Woolloo were with Dr C last week.  Woolloo had five teeth out.  Dr C managed to save two of the seven that you discussed with me.  Truffle had one out and had that broken one X rayed.  It wasn’t broken to the pulp, so he capped it and hopefully it’s nice and strong, so it won’t break again.  Although, knowing T’s fondness for chewing boulders, I am not so sure.
They ate mushy food for 5 days and recovered very well.  Truffle has also found a whole, dead mouse to eat this week!
I liked Dr Carmichael a lot.  Well worth the long drive. Look forward to seeing you soon and in the meantime, take care and thanks for everything.



Shere: Killer
My Vet had just told me my little dog named Killer needed his teeth cleaned and they would only do the cleaning with anesthesia. This terrified me….its only teeth cleaning.  I couldn’t understand why they needed to take such extreme measures for teeth cleaning.  My dentist cleans my teeth every 4 months and never has suggested he needed anesthesia to clean my teeth.  I called Houndstooth, made the appointment for them to come to my home. I quickly felt very comfortable with the Houndstooth tech and Killer loved this lady.  We both knew we were in very caring hands.

Then the tech Kathy told me she had to send Killer to the vet. My heart stopped.  She showed me that he had a very bad tooth; way in the back. I didn’t know he had teeth that far back.  It was explained to me that this tooth was a problem for Killer and only with anesthesia could a tooth this size be removed safely.  I could see she was right it had to come out. So still frightened, but with a different perspective, Killer went to the vet for the extraction and cleaning with anesthesia.  To my surprise Kathy called me during the day of Killer’s surgery to offer moral support and to reassure me, I was so scared. She understood how much this little dog means to me.  Killer was fine and I set an appointment for Kathy to start a preventive dental care program just like mine, every 4 months.

Before I saw Houndstooth again, Killer went in for his yearly lab work.  The report said there might be something wrong with his liver and that it might be something as simple as his teeth and that they wanted more test is a week. When my vet said teeth, I knew who to call. Kathy came to my house, even though it had not been 4 months since the vet had cleaned his teeth, she showed me how much tater had reformed. I was shocked.

Killer lay peacefully in her lap.  His legs relaxed, his eyes closed it were as if he was in a trance.  Very carefully and with so much kindness she moved from tooth to tooth cleaning it, then checking it. This was extraordinary. It was so gentle.  When she finished she said” now Killer is ready for that follow up lab work”.  The lab work came back perfect.  My vet said “looks like it was the teeth”.
Thank You Houndstooth



Sadie’s first Non Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning
I wish to thank you so much for your gentle nature and calming influence you gave my chowchow, Sadie when you cleaned her teeth last week.  It was a wonderful experience and a great relief to have her teeth cleaned without  an anesthetic.  My veterinarian had been after me to have a blood test to see of Sadie could withstand the anesthetic for teeth cleaning.  Sadie is 10 years old.  I had put it off due to the fact that something didn’t feel right about her teeth being cleaned in an operating room.  We humans have our teeth cleaned sitting in a dentist chair.  It was a great experience and I thank you again for your professionalism and caring nature. Thank you Houndstooth for all of the invaluable information and sincere kindness you gave us.



Michele Lansing: Bailey, NY
I am so excited that I found Houndstooth!  Several weeks ago, during a routine checkup for my nine year old Sheltie, Bailey, my vet told me that he was in great shape- except for his teeth- which he described as “terrible”.  He then advised me to have them cleaned under anesthesia.  I dreaded putting my “baby” through any unnecessary trauma, particularly with the risk associated with anesthesia.  I immediately went home to do an internet search for non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs, miraculously, up popped the Houndstooth web site with wonderful testimonials.  I discovered that they traveled east and would be at a vet clinic only an hour from my home. I made an appointment for Bailey. Anesthesia Free could this be true?

We were so impressed with the professionalism and compassion. Bailey is a very timid, nervous guy but he was very relaxed & comfortable while the Houndstooth hygienist cleaned his teeth. I knew Bailey had a horrible buildup of tartar, so I was a bit dubious. But in about 45 min his pearly whites were once again visible.  When we arrived home that evening, Bailey ate like he has never eaten before-with such gusto. I then realized how much his mouth must have been bothering him.  I have to say that he is a much happier & healthier dog since having his teeth cleaned. I am so overjoyed that I have found Houndstooth.  They have my highest recommendation.



Mr. & Mrs. Friedman: Joey & Vinny
Wow, we just can’t believe it!! Our 8 yr old Chihuahuas, never, ever go out of our house except to go to the vet.  They needed teeth cleaning & we dreaded getting in the car and listening to the crying & leaving them alone for hours at the vet’s office.  Fortunately, we found Houndstooth.  Today, the Houndstooth hygienist was scheduled to see and hear our two neurotic dogs.  The screaming and crying was uncontrollable. But in just a few minutes, she had Joey, our big crybaby under total control.  He relaxed in her arms and didn’t utter a sound while he had his teeth thoroughly cleaned. Vinny’s experience was just the same. These two little handfuls were both wonderful patients.  The entire cleaning was anesthesia free and so very professional.  We were so amazed & very pleased with the results.  We highly recommend Houndstooth to all.  This is a professional organization that really knows how to handle dogs. They are caring, loving and as far as we are concerned, for teeth cleaning, it is Houndstooth all the way for us!!


I can’t even begin to say how pleased I am to have found Houndstooth!  The idea of anesthesia teeth cleaning for my doxie Hercules, as my vet had suggested, petrified me.
Upon speaking with a Houndstooth representative, I felt this was what I wanted for him.  When the tech arrived I could tell she knew what she was doing and was confident about her skills this made me fell even more confident about choosing this anesthesia free method of teeth cleaning.  Herc is a very high-energy dog. Our tech gently calmed him to examine his mouth before cleaning.  The examination disclosed that Herc had a tooth that needed to be removed. My worst fear had come true-anesthesia for Herc.  Our Tech discussed the anesthesia procedure and how they are preformed in great detail with me. She also suggested a schedule of preventive care dentals for Hercs future care.  Hercules and I now have the same dental care schedules- every 4 months… anesthesia free.



Tracy Radzin, Esq., NY: Luna
I still can’t believe what you accomplished on my pom’s teeth in Los Angeles.
I found Houndstooth on the internet while searching for alternatives to the potentially life threatening surgery my vet recommended for my small pom’s routine dental cleaning.  The Houndstooth Tech came to me in L.A.  and as gentle and kindly as possible cleaned my dog’s teeth effortlessly before my very eyes.  My dog was comfortable the whole time.  This tech was tremendously skilled at both cleaning teeth and making my pet feel at ease and actually happy.  She successfully removed plaque and tartar more gently and efficiently than any dentist I have ever been too.   My little Luna, is in the best mood that I have ever seen her in since having her teeth cleaned!!!!
Now that they come to NY I don’t have to travel as far for the service even though I will travel as far as necessary.



Brad & Ellen: Koufax
We just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job with Koufax today.  Your ability to calm him while cleaning his teeth was awesome and he actually seems happier since your visit.  If we had followed our vet’s suggestion and anesthetized him for a simple routine teeth cleaning, he would still be recovering.  You have a special way to communicate with animals, this service is awesome.  Houndstooth will be highly recommended to our friends.



Chasha: Bart
I want to thank all of you at Houndstooth from the bottom of my heart for caring for my most beloved cat Bart.  It was an amazing and most revealing experience to see him submit to the love that was bestowed upon him. I handed several more of yours cards this morning with true conviction of your expertise and bolstered by my own experience!



Christa: Kitty
My cat is half wild….no one can pick him up or touch him.  I was so apprehensive about trying to get his teeth cleaned without anesthesia but wanted to give it a try since he felt really awful after the last vet- supervised teeth cleaning session under anesthesia.  The Houndstooth dental tech’s demeanor and technique were so calming and reassuring that not only did my cat relax in a very short time, I ended up equally relaxed.
Cat and owner are very happy! Thank You Houndstooth Non Anesthetic Cat Teeth cleaning



I give Houndstooth the highest recommendation possible!  To say that I am impressed with your service is an understatement.  My two cats had never had their teeth cleaned in the 11 years I’ve had them because I dreaded having my precious angels go under anesthesia with all its potential hazards. The calculus was building up and I knew they needed to have their teeth cleaned but believed there must be a better way.  Then a friend highly recommended Houndstooth to me, telling be about an amazing technique that is used to calm the animals and your wonderful skills in cleaning their teeth.  I felt my prayers had been answered.  I was amazed at how gentle and caring you were with my cats. They seemed to trust you instinctively.  I am so pleased to have this option now to keep my cats teeth clean and healthy.
I will be seeing you now on a regular basis; I still can’t thank you enough.



Cathy & Jim: Murphy and Katie
We wanted to thank you for making our teeth so clean and our breath so fresh, a new experience for our Mom and Dad!!!  We love you for your patience & for cuddling us while you manage to remove that awful stuff from our teeth. I’m truly a new man now & the females are really closing in on my new sweet breath. And even though my sis, Katie was not an easy patient, (I heard she was sneezing in your face and squirmy), she too has been rewarded with a sweet smelling breath. Same bossy disposition, but sweet in the muzzle department.
Be well Dali…you’re very beautiful inside and out…



Ms. J Page: Iggy
I wish I had known about Houndstooth long ago. I have two Italian Greyhounds, one is 14.5 and one is 1.5 yrs old. Iggy had notoriously bad teeth and gums and their dental hygiene is not an area of my expertise. My poor 14.5 year old had to suffer through surgery under anesthetic (scary at that age – or any age). I don’t think that would have happened if I knew of Houndstooth earlier as my pup’s teeth would have been kept healthy. I almost went to another company and am I glad I didn’t. Kathy offered some advice if I were to go to another service, which was very service-oriented of her, but what she told me only confirmed my desire to use her services only…unless something came up that needed to be handled by my vet, Brentwood Pet Hospital who recommends her highly. (Even though I doubt there is much she can’t handle.) Kathy gave me some pointers on how to care for pet’s teeth and I am amazed at how compliant they become using her method. She assesses the pets so quickly…a Caesar Milan meets Robin Williams meets a life coach. There is the utmost of integrity in her work. She does a full dental (ex: subgingival cleaning, perio therapy, gross debridement) at the same level as hygienists do. What I learned about K9 philosophy from her, I can use in dealing with people too! I vow to keep up the home care and have my quarterly follow-ups with Houndstooth. I feel so much better as my pups are in good hands. All in all it was a great experience…the pups weren’t traumatized and I was utterly entertained and edified.



United States District Judge

Happy New Year!   I met you in Cincinnati last August when you cleaned the teeth of my 2 Cavaliers.   At that time, you talked to me about diet and after speaking with you, I changed what they eat.   I am now giving them only a little dry dog food and mostly turkey and steamed vegetables.   They have done great on that and lost a significant amount of weight.   My dogs are a perfect weight now and they have all sorts of new energy.   Maybe I should go on Dali’s diet too. Thanks so much for all your help. When are you coming back?



Alexa: Scooter
Thank you again for being so competent, calm, cool and informative with my assorted beast’s teeth last Sunday. I am attaching some photos of Scooter’s unfortunate mouth. After you left I got out his adoption papers from Yorkie Rescue. The vet in Orange Co. who got him in shape for adoption listed the manufacture of the vaccinations, what type of anesthesia was used during the neutering, etc., but just one line mentioning “teeth cleaning” and the charge but nary a word about any dental problems. Thanks to you I now know that my sense of alarm at how bad they were after one year wasn’t so terribly out-of-line. Please feel free to use the photos as you like, especially if it brings awareness to the puppy-mill problem which I am now convinced were his origins.
Thank you again and see you in March.


A number of years ago I was grateful to learn of Houndstooth as I believe that frequent anesthesia for my pets is not good for them.  This is because my dogs have heart problems as well as breathing issues (they are Shih Tzus).  As my dogs have aged my belief has been reinforced by the expert medical opinions of several veterinarians (including surgeons) who advise against surgical procedures for one of my dogs because she can’t handle anesthesia.  Dali has been amazing in her treatment of my dogs in a safe and efficient manner and has allowed me to have their teeth cared for anesthesia free.


Cathy: Frank & Beans
To all of my friends with dogs and cats,
Houndstooth comes to our area several times a year & cleans dog’s and cat’s teeth without anesthesia. It is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. Last year I took both of my adult dogs in to have their teeth cleaned for the first time ever. After a few minutes of sweet talk and massage to Frank’s temples tiny little Dali had lulled my 80 pound dog into complete submission. She meticulously removed years of tartar from each & every tooth. My other dog Beans has a bad case of ADD and due to previous years of neglect (prior to us adopting her) her teeth were literally black. Before her teeth cleaning by Houndstooth, I thought she might need some teeth pulled due to decay. After Dali did her magic I couldn’t believe it was the same dog. Bean’s teeth were actually white! Now that they are clean I have also noticed that she is eating better and her breath has improved immensely.

I had planned to take Beans back for another cleaning this year, but at a recent vet visit I was advised to wait another year because she has no tartar on her teeth. Needless to say, I highly recommend Houndstooth if your dog or cat is in need of teeth cleaning. Many animals die under anesthesia while having their teeth cleaned. Houndstooth provides a wonderful service!


Coleen: Willow, Jenny & Dolly
I took my three pets to Dali from Houndstooth yesterday.  It was the second trip for my cat Dolly and the first for my two labs, Willow and Jenny.  The first treatment that Dolly received last year was excellent.  Before she came to see you I think that she was in a lot of pain due to plaque.  When I took her home after her first cleaning, she was like a different cat.  It is very frustrating when you know that your animal has a problem, but since they can’t speak you just assume it is from old age.  I wanted to thank you for the service you provided and tell you that all three of my animals were very happy when they returned home.  There were no residual effects from the treatment and I look forward to continuing their tooth care.


Sharon: Buzzy
Thank you so much for giving Buzzy back her winning smile! Your ability to keep her comfortable and still during her recent cleaning was truly astonishing. Because Buzzy has a history of abuse, albeit ancient history by now, she is very uncomfortable being held down by anyone, including me, even though she practically worships the ground I walk on. So to see her lying in your lap for over 30 minutes, only periodically putting up a half-hearted little fuss while you removed five years worth of tartar off her teeth, was just plain miraculous. I only wish we knew about you sooner and had been better educated about keeping her gums and teeth in good shape. But I’m so happy to know Buzzy’s teeth are nice and clean and that she’s so much more comfortable as a result. She’s even eating more regularly as a result. Thanks a million, Dali!


Margaret: Misty   
Just a note to say thank you for being so gentle & kind to my Misty last Thursday when you cleaned his teeth. I really had my doubts that you would be able to keep him calm & do the job. But I shouldn’t have been worried. You surely know how to handle a dog. We’ll never use anyone else. Thanks again.


Ellen: Dog Rescue 
You have been blessed with a wonderful calling. I can’t wait to tell my vet about you. I will also tell all my friends about this fantastic service. You will be back, right?


Marcia: Tigger & Larry
I am really thrilled to find our about you! Our vet has been recommending a teeth cleaning for our 2 cats, Tigger and Larry, for several years now but we have been so concerned about the anesthesia we did not do it. I am so pleased with the results they had with you. We are looking forward to our next visit in 4 months.

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