As pet ownership has grown, so has the awareness of the limitations within the current dental protocol (established in the 1970s) to treat dental disease.

Remember  AVMAs position when “progressive” vets brought acupuncture into their clinics? The push-back was brutal.  Now most clinics wouldn’t be without some knowledge and skill to apply it.

The American Veterinary Medical Association, official statement, “The AVMA has serious concerns about acupuncture and we are regarding it as entirely experimental  until strong evidence is available(over 3000 years of human and animal use) that the procedure has therapeutic value in animals.”

The same opposition is met towards veterinary dental hygiene or dental disease prevention.  If it needs to be cleaned, you must consider it diseased and disease must be treated with oral surgery or a dental cookie. This view is validated by AVMA and AAHA’s positions.  Both see only disease as demonstrated by their “official statements” about dental care.

Ignoring the fire and treating the smoke

Houndstooth Pet Dental always encourages veterinarians to reach out to us, ask for demos and throw questions at us.   But while many veterinarians are uncomfortable with change, others welcome it. Those vets say “show me” if this works, I want this for my clinic. These forward thinking vets helped us bring more advancements to the ways that we approached wellness care. Still, to this day, these amazing doctors challenge us with ” what if’s” and why nots? Houndstooth Pet Dental is always ready to hear new ideas that can add an even higher level of care for pets.

Thank you for visiting the Houndstooth website, we hope that you reach out to us for your demo.

~They say the only one that wants change is a wet baby

Kind Regards, Kathy Shafer


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