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About Houndstooth Dental Houndstooth Non Anesthetic Pet Dental: How far have we come in 30+ Years Later?

Dental hygiene is the science and practice of preventive oral disease, including the management of behaviors to prevent oral disease and to promote over all health.

Houndstooth Pet Dental has been a pioneer in bringing to light the importance of providing a non- anesthetic protocol for non disease related dental care within veterinary clinics. We wanted veterinarians  to be able to offer wellness care routinely rather than waiting until dental disease became the reason. Our clinics also wanted to  have a follow up protocol after oral surgery had removed any existing dental disease . So, we put our heads together and came up with a team approach. 

Houndstooth Pet Dental  developed proprietary gentle handling techniques that permits us to create a calm submissive state. We also specially crafted our instruments and redesigned existing dental instruments. With these updates our technicians are able to effectively clean both above & below the gum line while your pet remains comfortable.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

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