Our Technicians

Houndstooth Technicians

Houndstooth’s gentle coaxing & patience techniques, gives your technicians the skill and confidence to effectively clean your pet’s teeth while your pet remains comfortable. The quiet calmness of the procedure is especially beneficial to senior and nervous pets.

All of our technicians are passionate about dental care.  We treat all pets with respect & compassion. Your technicians are considerate of each individual pet’s physical & emotional well-being. Our constant pursuit of education & knowledge through professional organizations, journals & training assures that our technicians remain well-informed & current in this ever-changing field. But, most of all your technician joined Houndstooth because not only do they love your pets. They love teeth.


Houndstooth Technicians:

Are trained in multiple areas pet dental hygiene. Including supra and sub-gingival scaling, ultrasonic scaling, polishing and recognition of abnormal oral conditions.
Have backgrounds in animal care, animal behavior and dental hygiene.
Have extraordinary animal handling abilities that allow pets to quickly trust and become calm for the procedure.
Participate in continuing education in both veterinary and human dental hygiene.
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