Vet Testimonials

Thank you for expressing an interest in additional dental care modalities. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value of NAD to your practice. Please browse our entire web site. This Just for Veterinarians section contains proprietary information specifically addressing the most common topics of concern to a veterinary office including photos, scheduling, benefits to your office, references, etc. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office. We’ll be happy to speak with you.

The growing concern over the risks of general anesthetics & the need for them during a routine dental has caused pet owners & veterinarians to seek new solutions to the treatment of pet dental disease. Awareness of the importance of preventative dental care has brought to light the limitations of general anesthetic-based dental procedures when it comes to maintaining oral health.

We understand that non-anesthetic dental service can be controversial to those who have not seen an NAD cleaning properly performed. Accurate information regarding the benefits and the limits of anesthesia-free dental cleaning is difficult to come by and as in any profession, the level of proficiency can vary. We have spent many years carefully & meticulously crafting our techniques while earning the trust & confidence of veterinarians & pet guardians nationwide.

As society places more & more value on our pet’s health & safety, the demand for alternative treatments has skyrocketed. Concerned pet care professionals are constantly striving to improve their standard of care and recognize that it is always worthwhile to explore unconventional methods & consider the merit of their application.


A Word From The Vets…

Anson J. Tsugawa, VMD, Dipl. AVDC
I just wanted to personally send you a thank you note for all of your referrals. I really appreciate them. Your clients have thus far been great, easy to work with, and above all, prepared to receive my recommendations. It makes it so much easier for me to have my discussions and make a recommendation when the groundwork is already in place. It is so tough to have discussions regarding extractions with clients that are not prepared.

Again, thank you.

Anson J. Tsugawa, VMD, Dipl. AVDC
California Animal Hospital Veterinary Specialty Group
1736 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. C
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel (310) 479-3336

All Caring Animal Hospital, MA
As a traditional and alternative veterinary animal hospital, All Caring Animal Center is dedicated to providing the best care available for our patients. Houndstooth Non Anesthetic Dental Care is the perfect compliment to our practice and pet care philosophy. Dali’s gentle touch and special way of communicating love & concern to our patients has made the process of dental cleaning a much less stressful procedure for both patient and owner. Our clients are thrilled with Houndstooth’s work. Not only does she provide a comfortable, stress- free environment, she encourages you, as the owner to join her in the room during the procedure. Every one of our clients has
expressed their amazement at Dali’s handling of their companion. Even our most difficult patients have been a
success story in her hands. If you are looking for a safe, stress free alternative to traditional dental care for your companion, don’t hesitate to use Houndstooth
Dr. Donna Raditic DVM

Best Friends Animal Hospital, Valley Village, Ca.
This is to highly recommend the Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service program. We have been using their wonderful service for several years. Our clients have been extremely pleased with the outcome for their pets. Their staff is very professional and we have an excellent working relationship with them. This is a very appropriate service for dental prophylaxis and for pets who cannot withstand anesthetics.
Tina Wilson, Office Manager

Lewis Veterinary Service. Ojai, Ca.
Upon first hearing of non-anesthetic teeth cleaning being done in town my husband, a veterinarian, and I were quite skeptical.  Over the course of their visits, people brought animals to us stating that the Houndstooth Dental Tech told them their dogs and/ or cats needed veterinary attention.  These were people that were either reluctant to have their animals put under general anesthesia for what they thought would be a routine dentistry or did not go to veterinarians on a routine basis.  We were impressed that the dental tech was actually finding problems that would not have been discovered had this service not been offered.

Still being skeptical, I decided to schedule appointments for our own dogs.  I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I was with what I saw.  Our older poodles were 14 and 15 years at the time and the tech was so gentle and patient with them.  Our younger poodle, 8 pounds of pure energy, let her work on him even though he has always hated having his mouth examined. It was almost magical the way she got them to lay quietly in her lap.

We now advise all of our clients, especially those with high- risk animals, to have their routine dentals done by Houndstooth.  We can rest assured that if they find a problem that needs veterinary attention they will not
proceed but will advise the owner to seek the service of a veterinarian. Now pet owners don’t feel they have to put their pet under anesthesia for routine dentals and they can have the teeth cleaned more often, making for healthier pets.
An added benefit is that our own dental practice has tripled since working with Houndstooth.
Nancy J. Lewis, Owner, Business Manager

Dyanna McCain, Veterinary Homeopath, Santa Monica, Ca.
As an animal homeopath and nutritionist, I whole heartedly recommend Houndstooth   Non- Anesthetic teeth cleaning service. I have seen many complications from the common anesthetic teeth cleaning procedures. My own animals have had the delightful experience of Houndstooth’s Non-Anesthetic Dental services. Their treatment was amazingly stress- free and successful.
I recommend all my patients to these wonderful women. I urge you to do the same for your furry family members. Dyanna McCain, DVetHom.