Tennis balls, Good or Evil?

Tennis Balls for Dogs

How bad can tennis balls damage your pets’ teeth and are there bigger hazards you should be aware of with tennis balls?

Tennis balls are dipped in glue. The outside felt will feel soft. But the felt is actually a very tough woven synthetic fabric that gives the tennis ball its ability to hit the ground during games of tennis and not fall apart. But as soon as your pet adds saliva to the cover and it picks up fine particles, dirt and other debris it becomes a scouring pad. The more fascinated your pet is with the ball the faster the damage. We will see extensive damage, or what is referred to as tennis ball teeth, in larger breed dogs that feel tennis balls are their mission in life.

But besides the teeth other considerations with tennis balls should be mentioned. Many people like to play ball on park grass, on asphalt streets and even golf courses. These areas are usually heavily polluted with pesticides and fertilizers and unknown dumping. The asphalt collects all kinds of street toxins. These toxins and your pet’s tennis balls become saturated with it and your pet ingests this chemical residue every time the ball goes in their mouth.