Wellness Dental Care starts with Wellness Gum Care

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Just what does that mean in regards to your pet?

Billions of dollars are spent on pets each year trying to cure diseases that originated in the mouth. We believe you can’t fix it if you don’t have a reasonable amount of knowledge about it. Let’s explore.


Your pet doesn’t get dental cavities.  They get periodontal disease. This consists of bacteria in a biofilm community at different stages of maturity and highly organized. They are able to maximize nutrients, communicate with one another when threatened and relocate to start new biofilm communities in a gel –like substance or slime layer. These slime layers offer the bacteria communities protection and resistance from the hosts immune systems defense cells.


Although bacterial plaque biofilm is considered to be the primary cause in inflammatory periodontal diseases, it is also recognized that the pet’s immune systems response determines the rate of advancement of the disease.


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