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Welcome to Houndstooth

Your Information Center For Pet Dental Care

This website was created in response to the overwhelming requests from our clients for more knowledge regarding their dog & cat’s oral health.

Statistics indicate that up to 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 years have some degree of periodontal disease. Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential to your pet’s wellness. Most pet guardians want to do their best to keep their fur-buddies healthy but accurate information regarding pet dental care can be difficult to find.

Pet owners frequently confide that they don’t have any idea what their pet’s teeth and gums should look like or how to properly care for them. We have worked with thousands of pets and have seen all levels of dental disease. You, however, have only your own pet’s teeth to look at, with nothing to compare. Perhaps you’ve been told to brush your pet’s teeth but haven’t been shown how.  You may be  befuddled by the abundance of dental products available-what works & why? Do you know when you need to take your pet to a dental specialist? Does diet make a difference? We hope this site helps answer your questions.

We frequently add new info so check in with us often. We always welcome your input. In fact, we need your participation so this site can continue to grow in its service to the pet community.

Thank you for your continued support & for putting up with our dental obsession.
Kathy & Dali
The Houndstooth sisters

About Houndstooth

Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service (NAVDS) has specialized in preventative dental care for dogs & cats for nearly 30 years and is regarded as the premiere provider in this unique field. We offer thorough dental cleanings without the use of anesthetics.

Non-anesthetic dental cleanings offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings.  By combining extensive training and Houndstooth’s gentle handling techniques, our technicians are able to effectively clean both above & below the gum line and polish while your pet remains alert & comfortable.     

By eliminating the risks of anesthesia, regular dental care can be provided to most pets, including high risk breeds, pets with medical conditions and those whose guardians want to avoid anesthesia.

Houndstooth technicians are professionals specializing in the unique dental needs of pets. They are highly skilled in all levels of pet dental hygiene & the detection of abnormal dental conditions. 

About our Technicians

All of our technicians are proficient in gentle, effective animal handling techniques & pet psychology. We treat all pets & their guardians with respect & compassion, taking into account each individual pet’s physical & emotional well being. Our constant pursuit of education & knowledge through professional organizations, journals & training assures that our technician’s remain well-informed & current in areas of hygiene, infection control & animal handling.

Houndstooth Technicians:

  • Are Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid
  • Are trained in all areas of pet dental hygiene, including supra and sub-gingival scaling, ultrasonic scaling, polishing & recognition of abnormal oral conditions.
  • Have backgrounds in animal care, animal behavior & dental hygiene
  • Have extraordinary animal handling abilities that allow pets to quickly trust & accept the procedure.
  • Participate in continuing education in both veterinary & human dental hygiene

Houndstooth Services

  • Thorough dental scaling (above & below the gum line) and polishing for dogs, cats & ferrets.
  • Periodontal deep cleanings
  • Care & maintenance of dental conditions stages 1-4.
    See “Stages of Dental Disease” for more info
  • Oral evaluations
  • Client education & home care instruction
  • Professional referrals to the right specialist for your needs, including veterinary dental surgeons, conventional & holistic veterinarians, etc.

Other Services

Consultations via phone & internet
Do you have a dental concern? We are here to help.

Speaking engagements
Houndstooth representatives frequently lecture on many dental & health care topics. If you would like to retain Houndstooth to speak at your next event, please contact our office.

Breed Clubs & Rescue Groups   

Houndstooth participates in many rescue groups and breed groups gatherings nationwide including Greyhound rescue, Cavalier rescue & several all breed dog & cat rescue and hobby groups. We offer group discounts, donate services & contribute to fundraising events.

Helping rescue groups in their tireless mission to save the homeless and abused is a priveledge for us. Please contact us if we can be of service to your group.

Houndstooth’s Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Procedure


Every pet’s dental needs are different. Current anesthetic dental procedures offer a one- size-fits-all protocol that does not take into consideration the level of dental care needed or the individual pet’s age & health. We work closely with veterinarians & pet guardians as a team in order to provide an individualized dental program including appropriate follow up & home care instruction.


Houndstooth offers several different levels of care ranging from a routine prophylaxis (the best time to start a non-anesthetic dental program) to our Quality of Life tm treatments for senior or health-compromised pets.

Each appointment begins with a friendly introduction to our technician who will perform a visual exam of the mouth & head. Any abnormalities will be charted & discussed for appropriate treatment.  Your pet will then be comfortably positioned &gently introduced to the scaling procedure. Your technician will then proceed to thoroughly remove the tartar & plaque from all surfaces of the teeth using a selection of appropriate instruments. The cleaning is followed by polishing & home care instruction.


Thank you for expressing an interest in additional dental care modalities. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value of NAD to your practice. Please browse our entire web site. This Just for Veterinarians section contains proprietary information specifically addressing the most common topics of concern to a veterinary office including photos, scheduling, benefits to your office, references, etc. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office. We’ll be happy to speak with you.  Please log-in to access these pages. 

The growing concern over the risks of general anesthetics & the need for them during a routine dental has caused pet owners & veterinarians to seek new solutions to the treatment of pet dental disease. Awareness of the importance of preventative dental care has brought to light the limitations of general anesthetic based dental procedures when it comes to maintaining oral health.
We understand that non-anesthetic dental service can be controversial to those who have not seen an NAD cleaning properly performed. Accurate information regarding the benefits and the limits of anesthesia-free dental cleaning is difficult to come by and as in any profession, the level of proficiency can vary. We have spent many years carefully & meticulously crafting our techniques while earning the trust & confidence of veterinarians & pet guardians nationwide.

As society places more & more value on our pet’s health & safety, the demand for alternative treatments has skyrocketed. Concerned pet care professionals are constantly striving to improve their standard of care and recognize that it is always worthwhile to explore unconventional methods & consider the merit of their application.

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